My name is Arienne, and I decided to become a Plexus Ambassador because Plexus products work for me.

I had a couple friends on Facebook that became Plexus Ambassadors, and at first I saw all their Facebook posts and was really skeptical. As someone who has tried a lot of weight loss products I didn’t think Plexus would be any different. I started to see my friends results using Plexus and after reaching out to one of them (who is now my Ambassador) and doing some research on Plexus, I decided to give it a try.

I had been struggling for a few months to lose weight, since I had my third child, and was getting really frustrated that I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as I did with my other 2 children after they were born. It didn’t help that I have chronic back pain and exercising is not as easy as it use to be.

When I started seeing my clothes fit better (and able to get out of maternity clothes), I was thrilled and knew it had to be Plexus Slim. Not only that, I started having more energy. My husband even asked me if I was pregnant again because he thought I was “nesting” again, I suddenly had energy to organize and spring clean.

I am a web developer and I don’t really need the extra income; I signed up as an Ambassador because I wanted the bigger discount and because it works. It’s just a bonus that my family and friends have wanted to purchase from me! They saw my results and wanted the same. Being an Ambassador started becoming more fun for me that I wanted to start to selling it and see the results in other people, and now I love being able to tell people about it because it is life changing.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

Kind Regards,
Arienne (Plexus Ambassador)